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Reuters Pisses off the Haters With ‘Palestine’ Caption Correction

Color me surprised by Reuters - but not the reactions

Today’s Media Bias Right Out of the Oven

How Reuters reported a tragic bakery fire in Gaza

The Israeli “Apartheid” Even Reuters Cannot Ignore

This represents great news for palestinians and terrible news for Israel haters

Gaffe of the Day

Thank you Reuters for making my day!

Genesis of Iran’s Latest Insane Conspiracy Theory

The lengths to which the Iranian regime will go to blame the Jooooos

Reuters’ Flying Pig Moment

Yes, I could not believe my eyes either

Reuters Again Uproots The Truth

More lies and half-truths from Reuters

Legacy Media #FakeNews By Omission

Omitting to report pertinent events is just as #FakeNews as lying about what actually did happen.

Where Even Reuters Can’t Deny How Israel Is Helping Syrian Wounded

Bonus: Even Luke Baker tweeted it

Stop The Press! Reuters And New York Times Show “Apartheid Israel” Allegation Is A...

Because there are certain things even they can't deny

Another Deceitful Reuters Israel Headline

Reuters should be reprimanded and Luke Baker should answer for his team’s work.


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