Netanyahu and Obama in Their Twenties

Only one of them seems to have been a playa (hat tip: Doris).

Netanyahu and Obama

Update: One of my own creations (so please hat tip if you use it):

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Don’t make Benjamin angry | PoliNation
03 September 2013 at 10:09am
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  • Bubbe


  • ziontruth

    Uniformed serviceman vs. pot-smoking college hippie. What a choice.

    That was really One Big Awful Mistake, America.

  • AlisonH

    A man of courage and integrity vs the biggest ever fraud in US politics.Wake up America and get rid of this bum.

  • Marc

    Its easy to tell the world what to do when your stoned. go Bibi we will throw this bum out in 2012

  • Dan

    Obama's Messiah Complex is equally matched by the adoration that the liberal elite-including the Jewish elite and a majority of the media-bestows upon him. Now that the "Won" has assuaged the fears of that elite by telling them that he knows what is best for Israel; the vast majority of them will go back to sleep and vote for him in 2012.

    America does deserve better,but it will have to cut the liberal chattering classes down to size, before it gets to dump Obama for good.

  • SoulStraw

    5 racists scumbags think they speak for America? Priceless! But what can you expect from the party of racists and bigots celebrating a racist criminal like Netahyahoo?

    • ziontruth

      Hey, Leftist scum, the bank manager just called. He wishes to notify you that the Race Card is maxed out—political capital can no longer be drawn with it.

    • Joseph Hertzlinger

      He's racist against his own acknowledged relatives?

  • aparatchik

    Bibi shoots left-handed?

    • Shy Guy

      From other pictures of him signing documents, it would appear that Netanyahu is a southpaw.

      • Engine8

        Better a Lefty, than a Leftist.

        • Shy Guy

          Netanyahu is both.

        • autdrew

          unfortunately, obama is both a lefty & a leftist

  • Medicine Bow CO

    There are few pejoratives I would not be willing to apply to B.O. Look at his pedagogy every step of the way. The man is a contemptable, radical anti-American Communist and I cannot respect anyone who diminishes or denys this obvious truth. Netanyahu, on the other hand is a man among men who has been forced to live in the world of reality with spectacular results. B.O., the man-child, as some have called him, is a sorry excuse of a human being.

  • Adam

    AHMAGAWD! He smoked something in his twenties! There’s no way he isn’t a Muslim-Communist-Elitist-Terrorist! It’s all clear to me now!

    Ignorance, bought and paid for by the corporate propaganda machine known as the Republican Party.

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