Coldplay Play Dirty

A few years ago, Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin made the following bizarre comment:

“It sounds silly to say it now, but when you’re a kid you think, ‘I’m going to burn in hell for eternity if I like other guys or if I marry someone Jewish’.”

The comment did not raise too much of a stink, at least partly because Martin had married actress Gwyneth Paltrow, who had a Jewish father. He was even on record as saying he was now an “honorary Jew.”

Yeah, whatever.

coldplayColdplay made headlines on Wednesday when the group posted the music video for the single “Freedom for Palestine” to its Facebook page.

The campaign, also the name of the single by OneWorld, was endorsed by the UK’s Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions and Jews for Justice for Palestinians.

Coldplay took no part in the production of the song, but their Internet promotion nonetheless immediately caught the attention of major Jewish and Israeli media outlets.

The post, which directed fans to the website of the song’s producers, managed to pull in over 3,500 “likes” within six hours, a large number for most Facebook users, though the figure pales in comparison to a previous post on Coldplay’s page which reeled in nearly 11,000 “likes.”

In an e-mail to The Jerusalem Post, OneWorld media officer Paul Collins said, “We were delighted that Coldplay told their fans about the single, and hope this will make a big difference.”

The song calls for the West Bank security barrier to be toppled, for human rights and “justice for all,” while the video features a keffiyeh-clad breakdancer superimposed on animated scenes of Palestinians at IDF checkpoints. The song is scheduled for official release in early July.

Coldplay fans expressed predictably polar opinions of the band’s foray into politics.

While some praised the band using their fame to promote the Palestinian cause, others were decidedly disturbed by the move.

In a comment on the Facebook post, one such fan wrote, “Coldplay should stick to music.”

Most of the comments, however, in the typical fashion of political discussions, turned into expletive-filled personal attacks on other commentors.

The video, which has been on YouTube for over a week, had been viewed by over 21,000 people at press-time.

The media attention brought by Coldplay’s decision to share the song with their fans will likely boost the video’s exposure.

According to OneWorld’s website, the video is a response by international musicians to the injustices faced by Palestinians daily, including “human rights abuse and [living] in crushing poverty in refugee camps and under Israeli occupation.”

Collins told the Post, “We hope the single will communicate the realities of life for Palestinians to new audiences, and strengthen the call for change.”

Here’s the video:

If you are wondering what Gwyneth would think, don’t let her “pride” in her Jewish background or “Kosher for Passover” cookbook fool you.

From 2008:

Judged by Kate Moss and X Factor’s Louis Walsh, the event raised money for the Hoping Foundation, an organization that is dedicated to showing Palestinian refugee children that their struggle to transform their lives is encouraged and supported by people in Britain and throughout the rest of the world.

The evening attracted a plethora of British entertainers, including Lily Allen, Guy Ritchie, David Walliams, Jeremy Clarkson, Sienna Miller, Jemima Khan, Will Young, Tracey Emin, Shane MacGowan and socialite Kimberly Stewart. Lost’s Matthew Fox also made an appearance.

Last year’s event raised £319,000 for the charity, and featured Gwyneth Paltrow singing “Killing Me Softly”. 2007’s event featured Elton John, Elizabeth Hurley and Bryan Adams.

The Hoping Foundation provides grants to community projects working with children in Palestinian refugee camps.

Meanwhile, calling Gene Simmons. Can you organize a group of intelligent and moral musicians to produce a song in support of Israel?

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Facebook Comments

  • Ian

    Cold Play are produced by anti-Israel, plagiarising, hack Brian Eno
    I know you don’t like Schlussel but she’s on the money here. (
    Jeremy Clarkson raised money too
    “Lily Allen, Guy Ritchie, David Walliams, Jeremy Clarkson, Sienna Miller, Jemima Khan, Will Young, Tracey Emin, Shane MacGowan and socialite Kimberly Stewart. Lost’s Matthew Fox”
    Karma Nabulsi sickening tribute to PFLP’s George Habash

    • israellycool

      You r right, I don't want to give her traffic (although she already likely has more than me). For that reason, I placed parentheses around the hyperlink in your comment. If people choose to go over to her post, fine, but I won't provide the place for direct links there.

      But thanks for the comment, and additional links.

  • Ian

    We might be talking to the wrong Jim at West Dunbartonshire?
    Bollan is a real piece of work.

  • Chayma100

    Are Coldplay being villified for showing such ignoble values as compassion and empathy or have they actually said or done anything that is anti Israel.

    Showing support for Palestine is not being Anti Israel.

    • Jim from Iowa

      I agree that showing for support for Palestine is not being Anti-Israel. But referring to the separation fence as an "apartheid wall" and depicting the IDF as cruel oppressors is being ant-Israel. Who is really responsible for the suffering of Palestinians, Israel or the Hamas terrorists and the incompetent, corrupt leadership of the Palestinian Authority?

      • AEWHistory

        Gotta second Jim here. This wall would not exist if not for terrorism. Moreover, Coldplay, like so many others, fail to mention/notice the success of the wall in saving lives as wells the use of said walls around the world. In fact, there is a famous wall in northern Ireland, and the locals have protested the attempted removal of this wall. So why bemoan the barrier built by Israel? The mere fact that it has been singled out is itself an act of prejudice or ignorance, but the failure to realize that this wall has saved lives–Israeli and Palestinian–just makes the whole argument against the barrier suspect as best.

        • LA.24

          Are you all really that brainwashed to what you are doing to the Palestinian people? Yes, the wall would not exist if not for terrorism, but who really is causing the terror? Bomb raids on gaza, cutting down thousands of olive trees, and taking over people’s lands… How is it not a clear cut case??
          And the wall is a real one, as well a metaphorical one. It splits and differentiates between a Palestinian and an Israeli… just as the blacks were discriminated against by the whites.

    • Dan

      No.Far from being "vilified" Coldplay is being exposed as the a$$h0|3Z they really are.Just as Coldplay is free to peddle their half baked ideas, everybody else who has an opinion on the matter should be allowed to air it without hindrance.
      Showing support for a group of people who have been singularly committed to "wiping the Jews off the map" is not only Anti Israel-its anti humanity as well.

    • z303

      How are you defining the term "Palestine". Does it include Israel?

      Since the PA refers to ISrael as "the enemy", I would say that this equivalent to, "showing support for Nazi Germany is not anti-semitic".

  • Ian

    With all his pins and swatches of cloth Chris martin reminds me of the Office Space "flair" scene
    And yes he has a crescent and star symbol on his arm.

    Re: video
    The 80’s called, they want their sanctimony back.
    I think the idiot from Faithless is in there somewhere.

    Not a patch on this classic.
    FLOTILLA: We Con the World

    In other news, stinking hippy Richard Stallman is not coming to Israel, to pretend he wrote Linux.
    That should save you from him ranting like a brain damaged first year university student.

    Stick with Israeli made MS products.

  • walt kovacs

    they shoulda called the group, retards united against israel

    oh…and if they are hoping for the song to go viral…forget it

    its getting more dislikes than likes

  • Ian

    Something Dave might be interested in, QandA on the 6th of June will have Austen Tayshus vs. Paul McGeough.….
    Monday, 6 June 2011
    Sandy Gutman aka Austen Tayshus – comedian and author (comedy legend)
    Paul McGeough – Senior Foreign Correspondent, Fairfax Media (award winning serial liar)
    Lee Rhiannon – Greens Senator-elect (marxist and leading BDS bigot)
    I really hope he gets stuck in to the pompous lefties.

    Austen Tayshus

    A few week ago there was Howard Jacobson vs Gail Dines (I’ve never seen a feminist belittle a younger woman like she did).
    GAIL DINES: And I'm ashamed Jew.
    HOWARD JACOBSON: And you will never get – well, you should be ashamed of being an ashamed Jew.

  • Ian

    HotAir canes the video
    Palestinian supporters debut terrible new song
    A comment:
    "Someone needs to re-edit this with some Nahoul the Bee and Farfour footage in there."

  • israellycool

    As I explained previously in a comment here:

    During Operation Cast Lead, she falsely accused me of plagiarizing a post of hers about Roseanne Barr (regular readers of Israellycool know I am constantly skewering Barr). You can see the correspondence here.

    As you can see, she cares more about her ego than a fellow Jew living under threat in Israel. So I have zero respect for her.

    (even before this disgraceful incident, I have never been impressed with her shrill blogging)

    • Shai

      Thanks. To me, she seems like a wacko. Like when that Arab woman won Miss America, she accused her of supporting Hezbollah based on absolutely nothing.

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