Feet Not Legs


Brian of London: I just finished a phone briefing with the IDF about today’s incidents up and down the country.

On the Syrian border the IDF had a three step process:

  1. Verbal warnings in Arabic
  2. Firing in the air
  3. Shoot specific protesters who touch the Israeli border fence in the FEET

In Hebrew the word for foot is a qualified extension of the word for leg so sloppy Hebrew can confuse leg, foot (and even toes). I asked specifically if the IDF Spokesperson meant feet. She said yes: they shot at the feet of protesters.

What more can the IDF do?

The other thing revealed was that when the IDF responded to a request from the Red Cross (Red Crescent?) for a cease fire to remove casualties (send in the chiropodists) some of the rioters took this as a great opportunity to attack again. Typical.

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