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Male Model Joins ISIS In Bad Career Move

Sharky Jama is no more

Norwegian Fakes Syrian War P0rn Video In Malta

The famous Mohammad al Durah video was as fake and as scripted and directed as this.

Mavi Marmara “Peace Activist” Killed After Joining ISIS In Syria

Not shocking news of the day

“You Bewdy!” Is In The Eye Of The Beheader

Australia, you're standing in it

Moron Of The Day: Mark John Taylor aka Mohammad Daniel aka Abu Abdul-Rahman

I'm guessing this moron is going to end up as worm food

UNDOF, 1974-2014

All UNDOF personnel have withdrawn from the Syrian side of the 1974 cease-fire line

Israel Haters Offer “Proof” ISIS Is A Zionist Conspiracy

Of course, it is a lie and I show why

Sexual Jihad: Men Beheading Badly

"Is that a gun in your pocket or are you happy to see me?" "Oh, it's a gun.."

From The Department Of Wishful Thinking

Abu Khalid al-Kanadi is clearly an optimist

Fauxtography Of The Day

More lies and damn lies to go with their statistics

ATGM Attack On Golan Civilians Proves Once More UNDOF Is Useless

The only thing UNDOF “keeps" doing is spend time and money
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