Israel’s Latest Weapon In Action

Earlier this week, the IDF revealed the “Tammuz” anti-tank missile.

tammuzThe advanced weapon was developed and designed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd., and is currently being used by the Artillery Corps in the Gaza Strip. It was previously used during the Second Lebanon War and in Operation Cast Lead

The Tammuz is an electro-optical rocket capable of transmitting photos mid-flight, tracking the target and changing the flight accordingly, all with the help of wireless communication.

The missile had been fired in the past at dozens of targets and found to be very useful against terror units and armored facilities both during day and night, according to a senior Artillery Corps officer.

If you think it sounds good, here’s video of the Tammuz b*tch slapping into oblivion some terrorists with a rocket fetish.

Pay special attention to the terrorist’s “Oh crap” moment at 2:19, a split second before he is turned into Jihadi fertilizer.

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  • walt kovacs

    youtube pulled the first vid…glad to see its back

    good pr…and its been in use for 5 years

    which begs the question…how much was it used in cast lead

    and why wasnt it used more, so the idiots on the goldstone commission would have had nothing to squak about

    • israellycool

      Yes, I deliberately uploaded it back to YouTube. Game on.

    • ziontruth

      “…so the idiots on the goldstone commission would have had nothing to squak about”

      They would have still. Just as the Marxists cook up “racism” from scratch when there is no semblance of something real to blow out of all proportion, so too the anti-Zionists are not above inventing accusations.

      If it isn’t realistic to consider changing Israel’s fighting strategies such that “world opinion” (Progressivist orthodoxy really) isn’t taken into account, then let the shapers of “world opinion,” the predominantly anti-Zionist media outlets, be made by the Jewish State to work for us, airing only such information as the Jewish State permits or coerces them to. The problem of “world opinion” could thus be entirely circumvented.

      Good PR lies in letting PR in our favor get past the media gatekeepers.

  • Jim from Iowa

    Still waiting on the Osama Bin Laden death photos. But this will tide me over in the mean time.

    • juvanya

      There are none. He died in 2001. The raid was a complete fabrication to boost Obama.

      • z303

        You're being saracastic, I assume?

        • juvanya

          Not at all. I think the operation was staged and OBL died in December 2001. Not only that, he had nothing to do with 9/11. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is the perpetrator, possibly with some other backer.

          Weve been chasing a phantom for nearly a decade. What I love about this alternative theory is that it involves no conscious government conspiracy or coverup, unless they know all this and wont tell us, but thats not important.

          • z303

            Of course in that case, it doesn't really matter, does it? W always claimed that he was never the main target, once the initial takeover was accomplished.

  • Dan

    Now the Jihadists and their Leftist allies will start blaming Israel for using precision weapons for targeting terrorists thereby reducing collateral damage which gives "legitimacy to the act of killing" terrorists.xD

  • A F

    Why did the IDF unveil the "Tammuz" in "Av"?

    • z303

      Don't forget, Tummuz (Adonis, actually, besides being the month the Jerusalem was breached) was also the name of the Iraqi recator Israel hit.

      Any truth to the report that it was called Tammuz 17?

  • T34

    So why is the launcher called חפיז? Btw, the ynet photo is actually an American MLRS, Israel Hayom has the correct picture somewhere.

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