Israel’s Latest Weapon In Action


Earlier this week, the IDF revealed the “Tammuz” anti-tank missile.

tammuzThe advanced weapon was developed and designed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd., and is currently being used by the Artillery Corps in the Gaza Strip. It was previously used during the Second Lebanon War and in Operation Cast Lead

The Tammuz is an electro-optical rocket capable of transmitting photos mid-flight, tracking the target and changing the flight accordingly, all with the help of wireless communication.

The missile had been fired in the past at dozens of targets and found to be very useful against terror units and armored facilities both during day and night, according to a senior Artillery Corps officer.

If you think it sounds good, here’s video of the Tammuz b*tch slapping into oblivion some terrorists with a rocket fetish.

Pay special attention to the terrorist’s “Oh crap” moment at 2:19, a split second before he is turned into Jihadi fertilizer.

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