Who Do You Think Was Treated Better?

Gilad Shalit
AFP/Getty Images

REUTERS/Zohra Bensemra

REUTERS/Ahmed Jadallah

REUTERS/Ahmed Jadallah

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  • z303

    On Sunday we took a tour of the British prison in the Russian Compound. While the British were not Russians or Germans, neither were they Americans or Israelis – I could probably survive an Israeli sentence quite well, but would have a hard time with the conditions the British put us under – sleeping on thin mats on a stone floor every night.

    And all I could think was – why don’t we reopen the compound and put the terrorists under the same conditions the “civilized” British put us under? I mean, those we can’t just execute?

    • copyleft

      Do that and then our well-meaning “friends” will accuse us of conducting a full-fledged “genocide”.

      Our “friends” across the world believe that Israel should -at worst- give the Palestinian terrorists who are caught an ever-so-slight wrap on their knuckles,a lollipop to placate them and send them home with a very stern warning that any further “mischief” from them, and we would send a strongly worded complaint to the “civilized” world.

      You see, Jewish blood is still cheap,as far as our well-meaning “friends” are concerned.

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  • walt kovacs

    i thought the terrorist scum went of frequent hunger strikes because they were all treated so poorly

    look at gilad…looks like a survivor from the camps

    that he survived for 6 years is a testament to his strength

    really hope that the gov provides him with all the help he is going to need

    this pic makes me weep

    that hashem that the deal was made (as awful as it was) he may not have lasted much longer

    what we see here is a war crime

    therefore…nuke gaza