The Man With Blood On His Hands And Much Chutzpah


After explaining how he had no regrets for directing the kidnapping and murders of two IDF soldiers, as well as encouraging others to follow in his footsteps, released terrorist Mohammed Sharatha felt the need to make one simple request of Israel.

Mohammed-Al-SharathaOne of the 477 terrorists who were freed last week in exchange for Gilad Shalit said on Monday that he has absolutely no regrets for what he did.

Mohammed Sharatha directed the kidnapping and murders of IDF soldiers Avi Sasportas and Ilan Saadon in 1989. Both soldiers were kidnapped by Hamas terrorists as they were hitchhiking on their way back home from their military bases.

Sasportas was kidnapped and murdered in February of 1989 and his body was found three months later, in May. Saadon was murdered in May of 1989 but his body was not found until seven years later, in 1996.

Sharatha was captured by the IDF in Gaza shortly after Saadon’s murder. He was sentenced to three life sentences.

Interviewed by Israel’s Channel 10 News just six days after his release from prison and his return to Gaza, Sharatha said, “I did what I did and I do not regret it.”

Sharatha, who refused to cooperate with Israeli investigators and reveal where Saadon’s body had been buried, even after he was captured and sentenced, said that the kidnapping and murder of the two soldiers was a direct order from Hamas leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin (who was killed in an IDF air strike in 2004).


Sharatha said that his one request of Israel now that he has been released is to be allowed to finish the university degree from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, which he began while in prison. Allowing terrorist prisoners to study while in prison is just one of many benefits given to them by Israel.


At the end of the interview, Sharatha encouraged future terrorists who will commit murderous acts towards Israelis.

“They have a great experience and greater power, and their fighting spirit is greater than ours,” he said. “We are proud to have created a generation that will continue with the battle and go further, and Allah willing they will achieve victory.”

I say we accede to his request, and then send a letter congratulating him for his degree “as a thank you for all the information you volunteered to provide Israel during your incarceration, and for generally being wonderfully collaborative.”

Addressed to Hamas headquarters.

Meanwhile, Gilad Shalit is not asking to finish the university degree he started while in Hamas captivity, because they don’t offer university degrees in Human Rights Deprivation and Malnutrition.

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