Night And Day, Light And Dark, Good And Evil

The way in which Jewish Israeli kids and Palestinian Arab kids are brought up and educated is like comparing night and day. I don’t post private pictures on this blog but sometimes I just have to.

Every year at this time every kindergarten in Israel holds a Chanukah party where the kids get dressed up, sing songs, pretend to be doughnuts and candles and then finish it off by squirting strawberry jam onto their beautiful white clothes. The way the icing sugar explosion clings to the jam is just an added bonus for detergent makers.

See if you can work out which of the following images come from a Jewish Chanukah party and which ones come from a Hamas party. Here’s a clue: anti tank weapons in the hands of pre-schoolers.

Just today I also notice that the editor of The Blaze has posted, seemingly without comment, another insidious AP hit piece that puports to “fact check” Newt Gingrich and, as those of us who’ve long dealt with the AP expect, it is really just a hit piece on Israel. It uses the most base moral equivalence trying to undermine Newt’s claim that Palestinian kids are incited to hate in school with a nit pick on the exact words of the claim he made. It also tries to find something, anything, wrong with the way Jews bring up their kids and all it can do is talk about whether we acknowledge an artificial armistice line from 1948. Total nonsense. I’m calling Bull Shit on this post at The Blaze like I did the last time they pulled a stunt like this.

Update: I have received an email from Itamar Marcus pointing out an Op-Ed he co-wrote in the Jerusalem Post this weekend that pulls that AP piece apart, go read it after you’ve looked at the nice pictures below.

So lets make this black and white, night and day, good and evil. This is what we do with our pre-schoolers in Israel.

h/t thanks to Elder of Zion for finding the Hamas pictures so I didn’t have to look at that nasty stuff. Dave also posted about the same Hamas celebration.

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  • Jim from Iowa

    This was a great post differentiating the two groups until you brought up Newt Gingrich and his stupid “invented people” statement. As Michael Kinsley points out, we’re all invented people–Palestinians, Israelis, Americans, Bangladeshis, etc. We didn’t organize ourselves into nation states the moment we climbed out of the primordial ooze as some kind of evolutionary act. We put some thought into the ideas of “America” or “Israel” or even possibly “Canada.” Take offense to the Palestinians’ use of violence against Israelis or their lack of effort to work for a negotiated peace settlement, but not that they identify themselves as a people distinct from other Arab nationals. That’s just stupid, and a clumbsy attempt to gain Jewish votes this election.

    • Brian of London

      I didn’t mention the Invented People quote in this post. You’re the first to bring it up here. Hell, I even broke down and called them Palestinian Arabs in this post: that’s more legitimacy than I usually give them.

      • Jim from Iowa

        So you’re saying you disagree with Gingrich on his characterization of the Palestinians as “an invented people?” If not, then I’ll let my criticism of your otherwise excellent post stand, Brian. Can’t you see you’re being taken for a ride by the likes of Gingrich and the others running for the Republican nomination (except Ron Paul). If I were you, I’d sit back and think long and hard about my words, while you enjoy a delicious jelly donut, Brian.

      • Gahgeer

        I don’t think the Pals are waiting for your endorsement, since the issue internationally is not WHETHER to recognize Palestine, it is about WHEN.

        “This is what we do with our pre-schoolers in Israel.”

        Indeed. To point out the hypocrisy in your post, just Google “Israel children arms”, and you’ll find similar stuff to the Hamas one – except that in the case of Israeli children, those are real arms, not just toys.

        Here’s a snapshot:

        • Brian of London

          Got you a bit wound up? Pictures of careful parents teaching their kids how to respect firearms? As the video that came out this week of a lone Jew being jumped on and stoned by Arabs shows, Jews need to be able to defend themselves. If you’re going to have a gun in the house its essential that kids have a healthy respect and knowledge of it.

          I’ve got pictures of my kids sitting in fighter aircraft at the IAF Museum; according to you that’s just Jews showing off we have better weapons than the poor, oppressed Arabs?

          But I digress, you’re not pre-disposed to see the bigger picture. You’ll do anything you can to reenforce your false and malicious world view that Jews are evil and poor Muslim Arabs are the world’s most important victims.

          Anyway I’m glad you found Israellycool and I’m really glad it pissed you off. We know we’re over the target when we’re taking flak.

          • Gahgeer

            LOL – you’re really funny. If you asked a Jewish kid in 1946 about his or her role model – guess who’s it going to be? yes, it’s the “terrorsits” of the Haganah or Stern.

            You put yourself in a pot-called-a-kettle-black here.

    • z303

      It’s a simple statement of historical fact.

      On the other hand, I don’t trust Gingrich, in spite of the good things he did (I actually remember) to get rid of some o the low-level legalized corruption in Congress.

      I vote Gingrich Most Likely to Squeeze Israel.

      P.S. Please keep pandering.

      • Jim from Iowa

        Your insight into the essence of former Speaker Gringrich reveals you to be both wise and wonderful.

        • z303

          Note that I said what he said was correct and justified.

          • Jim from Iowa

            Have another jelly donut, anyway. You deserve it.

    • juvanya

      Theres a difference between a national identity established over time to move forward and a national identity established to oppose another national identity.

      Also, Bangladeshi isnt really a nationality. Most of those fake countries devolve to tribal identities.

    • ziontruth

      “…until you brought up Newt Gingrich and his stupid ‘invented people’ statement.”

      Will someone make this Arab-loving “voice of reason” shut up? If I were in charge here, this sick piece of excrement would have been banned long ago.

      The Jews are the only Palestinians; all Arab settler-colonist land-thieving bloodthirsty barbarians squatting on the Land of Israel must be expelled, no exceptions.

      • Jim from Iowa

        You could start your own blog and call it “Price Tag Justice” or some similar nonsense. You’re not very tolerant of even moderate voices such as mine. What a worldview you hold, all twisted up in knots. That’s it–call your blog “Twisted Up in Knots” and then have a picture of Don Knotts in his Barney Fife uniform as your banner. There, fixed it for you.

  • soovey

    The survival of a nation depends upon its future generations. Hamas and the PA barbarians are teaching their children to want to die. The “Palestinian” people will not survive such lunacy

  • z303

    Brian, so when Bachman said she took textbook material to the PA, and they didn’t deny it, just claimed the books had changed – what sort of material was she referring to?

    I think Itamar could have done a better job, given the material. This isn’t enough to post in response. (The comments I see are quite good, especially compared to recent ones.)

    • z303

      I mean the Blaze comments.

    • Brian of London

      Itamar is scrupulously honest. I don’t doubt that someone somewhere has taught Pal children maths with reference to dead Jews, but finding it in a text book is probably a stretch and Itamar won’t say it’s so unless it is.

      I’ve met Bachman, in fact I’m almost certain that she was sitting in the same room as me a few years ago listening to Wafa Sultan describe growing up in Syria. That talk and Wafa’s absolute insistence that there was no Islamism, or radical Islam or moderate Islam, just Islam, was hugely powerful (I cried). I know that she understand the absolute true nature of Islam and from that you can easily understand how they teach their kids the vile things they do. It’s just obvious and flows from the way their Prophet Mohammad behaved.

      And on a side note, Ron Paul, oh dear. Honestly on most of the stuff he says about the size of the US government I’m with him. Even the foreign stuff: yes, stop giving money to everyone if you want (obviously a complete collapse of the US defense contracting industry would occur but that’s fine, it’s a bloated mess). But on Islam, the nature of Islam and the threat it poses to all non-Muslims, the guy is beyond dangerously clueless. He needs to go back and ask why Jefferson had to get the US a Navy and a Marine Corps and work from there.

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