Hey, The Blaze, Don’t Parrot AP Lies On Israel

Brian of London here. I’m a pretty big fan of what Glenn Beck is doing, so when the news website that is part of his outfit does something stupid, I’m going to call them on it. Last night / early this morning they ran the unedited Associate Press (AP) news story about this weekend’s barrage of rocket fire on civilian targets in the south of Israel. It starts with the following headline:


You don’t really need to read the rest to know that it’s a PR shill job for Hamas and Islamic Jihad trying to justify their rocket attacks. But those of us in the know expect this from AP which is why I’m going to call The Blaze out for this. They should not run this kind of thing uncritically just because it comes across their desks in the middle of the night.

For an excellent example of how to report this, head over to Israel Ha’Yom whose piece has the following mast head:

Islamic Jihad agrees to cease-fire after barrage of rockets hits south

Islamic Jihad fires more than 30 rockets into Israel over weekend, killing one person and wounding several others • Egypt mediating cease-fire • IDF: “Islamic Jihad was dealt a heavy blow. So far they have ten dead” • Peres: Hamas is responsible.


Brian of London

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