InLightPress Slams Mahmoud Abbas Over Hacking Attack

The other day I said that I was certain that Mahmoud Abbas had ordered the hacking and shutting down of InLightPress, a website that has run a number of stories critical of the Palestinian Authority President.

After a few days of being offline the site has returned and has unleashed a scathing press release that confirms my claim.

InLightPress says that the attack on its website was “treacherous barbarism.” In addition, it states the the attack on the site’s servers was done by professionals. Further, InLightPress says that the attack was a “blatant attack on freedom of opinion and expression.”

In addition, they say that they believe that “the attack came from the Palestinian Authority with the approval of President Abbas.” InLightPress says that they have learned from sources in Ramallah that Mahmoud Abbas set up a “crisis cell” headed by Sabri Saydam, former Palestinian minister for technology, to carry out the attack.

According to InLightPress, the Palestinian Authority has denied that it was involved in the attack. However, InLightPress says that it plans to collect evidence and launch a formal suit.

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    • soloman4israel

      catching up on iscool so tried your link abbas launches attack,does not take you to site(error page)tried link on this page takes me to another( error page advertising)interested to see site after reading what you had to say,so used google taken to( error page)any ideas try your link this page please ???

      • Challah Hu Akbar

        InLightPress is currently having server problems. In addition, after the hacking attack they changed their base URL. Once their site is up again, I will go back and edit the links to the new ones.

        • soloman4israel

          ah thank many people i wonder have tried/will try your links,perhaps it may be an idea to get your passport ready or start running now,otherwise an angry mob might make toast of you.

          • Challah Hu Akbar

            Their site is still having issues, but I have updated the links to the new URLS anyway. I’d check back in day or two as they sort out kinks of their new site.

            • Challah Hu Akbar

              So, the site is now back online. I have gone back and tried to update all the links. If you see one that is still not working please let me know.

              • soloman4israel

                greetings,your link contained in above report(works)but they still have problems when you get there and wish to view a report(error server problems)
                your link (abbas launches attack)not yet working (error)
                have not bothered with google i expect as the site still has problems google may take you to error(thank you
                for trying)will have another look later/morning.
                at least you post links even if they take you to the dead end,unlike z-shark who does not bother at all,so you can stay no need to put on your running shoes.

                • Challah Hu Akbar

                  I have updated that link now. Zionist Shark has added link to his latest post.

                  • soloman4israel

                    thank you once again.

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