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Is Leaked Recording of Mahmoud Abbas Cussing Out Russia, The Arab States And China...

Last week, a recording purporting to be of PA President Mahmoud Abbas cursing out Russia, the Arab States, and China, was leaked

Mahmoud Abbas Tries to Incite Palestinians Living in Gulf Countries Against their Host Governments

This is not being reported but a few days ago, Mahmoud Abbas threatened Gulf countries that are pro-normalization with Israel

MUST WATCH: Whistle-blower Reveals PA’s Theft of Funds from International Organizations

Video of Yasser Jadallah, former director of President Mahmoud Abbas’ Political Department of the PA

Mahmoud Abbas Continues to Show He Has No Sense of Humor

A senior Fatah official who called into question the mental health of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has been arrested by the Palestinian security forces
Mahmoud Abbas

Not the Onion: Mahmoud Abbas Offers China Help in Battling Coronavirus

Sometimes, the punchlines almost write themselves

J Street President Jeremy Ben-Ami Kisses ‘Pay-for-Slay’ Boss Mahmoud Abbas

Just when you thought your stomach couldn't turn any more violently

Does Mahmoud Abbas Read Israellycool?

Noticed at the UN yesterday

An Open Letter to Mahmoud Abbas

A post by reader Faith

Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah’s Antisemitic Message to Donald Trump

This post, published by Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah party, surprised me with its blatant antisemitism

Mahmoud Abbas Cuts Ties with US and Israel, World in Shock

In a fit of rage over President Trump’s “Deal of the Century” peace plan, PLO chief Mahmoud Abbas cut ties with America and Israel. The rest is satire.

Three More No’s to Peace

History repeats

Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah Commemorates 75th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz…Their Way

Exactly what we could expect from our "peace partners."

Palestinians Seethe as PA Blocks Their Websites

Remember when palestinians were complaining how Facebook had removed and blocked some of their content? That is so 3 weeks ago
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