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Palestinians Seethe as PA Blocks Their Websites

Remember when palestinians were complaining how Facebook had removed and blocked some of their content? That is so 3 weeks ago

Mahmoud Abbas: Ours (Democracy) Is Bigger Than Yours

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has told some zingers in his time. This might just be one of his best yet.

High Profile Reactions to Israeli Spacecraft Liftoff

Here are some of the high profile reactions (real and imagined) to this morning's successful Space IL spacecraft launch

Palestinian “Own Goal”: A Jewish Immigrant Document From 1935

When Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah posts things that undermine their own narrative

WATCH: Mahmoud Abbas Admitting Palestinian Arabs Fled And Were Not Expelled

It seems we have proof on film of Abbas admitted that for the most part, the palestinian Arabs fled

Israeli Doctor Helped Save Abbas’ Life

From the Sh*t, Aren't We Supposed to Be A Smart People department

10 Year Challenge: Mahmoud Abbas Edition

What might Mahmoud Abbas' 10 year challenge photos look like?

Photo of the Day: The Plane Truth Edition

The official Fatah Facebook page has posted the following photo of PA President Mahmoud Abbas on his way to Rome

When ‘Son of a Dog’ Met ‘Hand of God’

What does a meeting between a bloated has-been in ill-health and another bloated has-been in ill-health look like?

Mahmoud Abbas Blames His Ill Health on US Decision to Recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s...

“If the story of Jerusalem put me in the hospital, then I leave and say that Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine.”

Poster: Getting a Read on the Situation

The Israeli and palestinian leaders respectively may not be open books, but it is clear only one of them would be willing to turn the page and seek peace.


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