Victoria’s Secret? She Wants You To BUYcott Israel

Unfortunately my friends at the mosque never really gave a reason why Victoria’s Secret was on their Israeli Boycott card. So I have no real idea why the US lingerie giant is a target for a Jew hating boycott. I was thinking of surfing around the seedy world of Jew hating boycott sites to find out but then I went to Victoria’s Secret’s own web site to find a nice (tame) image to grace this post with. I was there rather longer than I should have been perhaps.

Needless to say I don’t have time, neither do I care much why, the Jew hating mosque dwellers from the UK put Victoria’s Secret on their card, but I really don’t care.

If you’re looking for something sexy for St Valentine’s day tomorrow, upset a Jew hater and please your loved one at the same time: buy something from Victoria’s Secret!

This has been another in the Israellycool Buycott series based on the poster put out by Islamic groups in the UK and distributed for free to Mosques all over the UK.

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  • Aussie Dave

    Damn, I love reading Israellycool for the articles. Just saying.

  • Jim from Iowa

    But don’t you find, Brian, that their line of women’s lingerie is ill-fitting, poorly-made, and overpriced?

    • Brian of London

      I’m not given enough opportunity to examine it closely would be my answer.

  • Dusty

    Since you’ve asked, Victoria’Secret carries a patented line of seamless woman’s panties, in delicious jewel tones, that are made in Israel.

  • Sulayfah

    You say we are “jew haters” even though we are educated enough to know the difference between judaism and Zionism. The fact that thousands of Proper jews protest against Israel yearly in America and the Uk, even in Israel they face death there….and they ask for Zionism to be dismantled. We all know this thank you.

    Another thing it is ok to say we are jew haters… Are you not a Muslim hater. You are a Islamaphobe you too are discriminating against me and the 1.7 billion Muslims in this world…. So why are you any different to “”Jew haters”” You are even worse.

  • misswang123

    Victoria’s Secret is perfect,it will be my forever love.

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