The Turkish Barber With An Axe To Grind


This story is already a few days old but, heck, it’s too good to pass up.

Barber Selahattin Aytekin is using fire and an ax, rather than scissors and razorblades, to shave his customers in his shop in the northwestern province of Bal?kesir.

Aytekin said he had been using the unusual tools of the trade for 39 years now. He uses a sharpened ax to shave men’s beards and an alcohol-soaked piece of cloth set on fire to trim the hair.

“I have received many awards,” Aytekin told reporters. “I recently had customers from China who presented me with a certificate of appreciation. They were here to visit factories that process marble and heard of me while they were in town.”

Aytekin said he was known as the “fiery barber” in Bal?kesir and that there were no other hairdressers that shaved people the way he did.

Gee, I wonder why.

Meanwhile, I’m just glad to read a story about a Muslim with an axe, with no mention of infidels.

Update: Here’s another way to use axe on your hair:

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