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Turkish Man: More Turkish People Are Starting to Support Israel

A touching post from a Turkish man who writes why he loves and supports Israel, while hating the likes of Hamas

Turkey’s Erdogan: “Our Heart Desires That We Can Move Our Relations With [Israel] to...

It has been widely reported that Turkish President Erdogan said that Turkey would like to have better ties with Israel

Turks Furious Over TV Channel’s “Technical Error”

A Turkish TV channel has apologized to their audience for a "technical error." And by technical error, they mean "telling the truth."

Turkey’s Recep Erdogan Needs to Lay off the Drugs

Turkey Jerky Recep Erdogan has been on a roll recently.

Priceless! Hebrew Makes Its Way Into Turkish School Textbooks

Turkish website Yenicag reports on a Turkish screw-up for the ages

Ilhan Omar, Turkey’s Defender in Congress

Rep. Ilhan Omar did not vote in favor of a bipartisan resolution recognizing the massacre of Armenians by the Ottoman Empire as a genocide

Turkish Newspaper: Jews Siccing Dogs on Muslims

A Turkish Islamist newspaper has published an antisemitic report claiming that Jews living in Istanbul’s Beykoz district had trained dogs to bite Muslims.

Turkish President Recep Erdoğan Implies Yair Netanyahu Responsible for NZ Mosque Terror Attacks

Time and others report that Turkish leader Recep Erdoğan has used footage of the New Zealand mosque shootings in a video montage. But what all the reports are missing is a key fact.

Sickening! Turkish Move Gala: Partying In Makeshift Concentration Camp

We already know that Turkish President Recep Erdogan is a vile Jew-hater who totally deserved to be kicked in the nuts by a horse. But it seems the problematic attitude towards Jews extends further than that.

Turkey Arrests Fembot Army Leader Adnan Oktar

Turkish author Adnan Oktar is in big trouble

A Case Study in Double Standards: Palestinian Prisoners in Israel vs Student Prisoners in...

If this double standard does not infuriate you, I don't know what will.

Turkish Prime Minister Accuses Israel of Rigging Eurovision Vote

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim has claimed Israel’s win at the 2018 Eurovision contest was a scam

Zionist Heckling Robot of Deathᵀᴹ Takes on Turkish Minister

"Dear friends, it seems clear that the robot needs to be put under control, please can whoever is in charge do what is necessary!"
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