Damage Control, Islamic Jihad Style


Following the disturbing photos of palestinian kindergarten children first exposed by former Israellycool contributor Challah, publicized further by me (and then shamelessly ripped off by Ynet without acknowledging Challah’s post) comes Islamic Jihad’s response to the ensuing uproar:

A top Islamic Jihad operative on Wednesday accused Israeli rabbis of teaching hatred and racist values to children, a statement made in response to a recent report that Gaza kindergartens indoctrinate students into becoming terrorists.

“(Rabbis) treat Palestinian children and women as if they were snakes and bugs,” Khader Habib, a leader of the Gaza group told Ynet. “They don’t see them as normal people.”

This is a gross generalization. While there have been isolated Rabbis who have made provocative statements in the past, the Israeli education system does not condone such a view, and it is certainly not consistent with Jewish values. Further, no Israeli school teaches children to go out and murder Arabs.

But this is not the real issue. Islamic Jihad’s indoctrination of young children to hate Jews and glorify their murder is not a response to some supposed Israeli view of Arabs, but rather consistent with Islamic Jihad’s goals to destroy Israel and supplant it with a palestinian state. This, in turn, is seen as a “vital step in rehabilitating the Islamic nation and will lead the nation back to its fundamental, original, Islamic values.”

So don’t be fooled by the BS.

Brian of London adds: let’s all remember these pictures from a typical Jewish Israeli kindergarten celebrating Chanukah: a festival with military undertones, I might add, which are largely left out when the kids are celebrating.

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