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Child Abuse at Memorial Service for Islamic Jihad Terrorist

Seen at a memorial service for Islamic Jihad terrorist Muhammad "Jesus" Na’em.

The Nasty Truth About Palestinian Bulldozer ‘Jesus’

Yesterday, anti-Israel hate sites like Quds News Network accused Israel of murdering a palestinian and using a bulldozer to mutilate his body. But what really happened?

MUST WATCH: Jeremy Corbyn Heckled About His Terror Support

While touring Scotland, UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was heckled by someone. It is a thing of beauty

Palestinians Confirm What We Already Know: Israel Trying to Avoid Civilian Casualties

The surgical nature of our strikes have actually been confirmed by the palestinians themselves

From Islamic Jihad Arch Terrorist to Islamic Jihas-Been

The IDF has turned senior Islamic Jihad arch terrorist Bahaa Abu Al-Ata into worm food, in a pinpoint strike.

Separated at Birth: Terror Turdle Edition

Inspired by this photo from Islamic Jihad's 32nd Anniversary rally

Islamic Jihad’s Creepy Shining Girls

From Friday's Islamic Jihad rally

PFLP Reportedly Downed Drone…Belonging to Islamic Jihad

If this report is to be believed, we might just have found yet another terrorists dronego

WATCH: Jihadi Birthday!

Because I can never turn down an opportunity to mock terrorists

Talk About a Smoking Gun! BDS Umbrella Group Has Financial Ties to Palestinian Terror...

Thanks to a new report by Tablet, we now have proof of a financial relationship between a prominent BDS group and terrorist organizations

Terrorists (Including 16-Year-Old) Among Those Killed in Gaza Border Riot Yesterday

At least three of the palestinians killed yesterday were Islamic Jihad terrorists. Bonus depravity: one of them was a 16-year-old kid.

Palestinian Medics Initially Blame Israel For Deaths of Terrorists Killed In “Work Accident”

Earlier today, 4 palestinians were killed in a blast. Palestinian medics immediately pointed the finger at Israel.

The Times of Israel, What’s Your Game?

This kind of thing has become all-too-commonplace for the Times of Israel


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