El Al Has “Most Beautiful Stewardesses In The World?


A few days ago, it was reported that the results of a survey by the World Air Hostesses Association indicated Israeli airline EL AL has the most beautiful stewardesses in the world.

Sounds like grist for my mill, no? So why didn’t I post about it, I hear you ask. 

While variations of this report appeared on the sites Tourist Israel (proudly stating “You read it here first!”) and eChinacities.com (who even published the supposed rankings), I smelled a rat since I could not find this news on any mainstream news sites, nor – perhaps more tellingly – on the El Al site itself! (you would think it would qualify as “news” for them). And normally the Israeli government is pretty quick to publish such news when it is legitimate. I guess the fact the World Air Hostesses Association does not seem to exist was also a hint!

This other blog also smells a rat:

What’s more surprising: the news that El Al’s female flight attendants have been voted the most attractive in the world, or that El Al still uses the word “stewardesses?”

The Israel-based airline announced on their blog today that an organization called World Air Hostesses Association has named El Al’s in-flight crew the best looking. However, a quick Google search turns up no such survey, and El Al reports that the survey was published so far only in the Chinese media.

However, in their haste to be snarky, I guess they did not bother to check that Tourist Israel is not El Al’s blog! They heard it here first!

So there you have it, folks. Be careful what you believe and what you post. With great blogging powers comes great responsibility, and all that jazz.

Nevertheless, since you no doubt came here wanting some El Al eye candy, I won’t disappoint.

Don’t thank me, I’m a giver.

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