Aussie Jihad Girl

A few days ago, I posted this disturbing photo of a young Muslim boy in Australia.

Now it has emerged this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Meanwhile, an MP called for placard boy to be removed from his parents (hat tip: Gaia).

Coalition MP George Christensen has suggested that the small child who held up a sign which read “behead all those who insult the prophet” during weekend protests should be put in the care of “better people”.

The Queensland MP said that authorities should track down the parents of the child “immediately” – as they would when another child was exposed to “such a violent upbringing”.

Not that it helped.

Yesterday, the mother whose young son held a sign calling for beheadings during Saturdays’ Sydney protests turned herself in to police.

NSW Family and Community Services Minister Pru Goward says the boy will stay with his parents.

“The police went back to the house and assessed the children and assessed that they were safe so that is where they remain,” Ms Goward told ABC radio.

And what is it with Australian Muslim leaders and really bad excuses?

Lebanese Muslim Association president Samier Dandan says while he welcomes the mother’s decision to go to police, he disapproves of the behaviour.

“That’s something that we don’t encourage within our community, it’s something we condemn,” he told reporters at Lakemba mosque in Sydney’s west this morning.

Mr Dandan said he would try to talk to the mother, but added he had been told the boy may have found the sign on the street and was “caught up in the hype” during the demonstrations.

“Does a child really understand what’s written on that placard?” he said.

That’s on a par with those people admitted to the emergency room who claim they slipped on the floor and that’s how the bottle ended up there.

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  • E Pluribus Beagle

    The odds are if we let her detonate we’ll at least be allowing her to escape a life of rape which ends in an honor killing. We just have to ensure she detonates at home in a work accident so no actual humans are harmed.

    Allahu Akbar with extra bacon and gay sex.

  • Norman B.

    I believe that Rodgers and Hammerstein provided the answer to the questions you raised, as rendered here by Mandy Patinkin.

  • Hundra the Warrior Woman

    The 8 year old girl was speaking at a Hizb-ut-tahrir meeting inciting jihad to muslim youth. This organisation is a terrorist group. What is it doing in Australia? Why aren’t our leaders protesting and kicking them out? What is wrong with Western leadership?

  • walt kovacs

    is that the mother standing in front of the boy in the picture?

    the boy cant be older than 5 and 5 year olds dont get “caught up” in protests…unless they are told to

    i dont believe the child should be removed from the home…i believe the entire family should be kicked out of the country and sent to a place where they will be more comfortable…syria

    there was a time when it was almost impossible to immigrate to australia, as they were very picky who they allowed into the country

    so glad they made an exception for filthy muzzies

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