Palestinian Song Of Peace

It’s rocketing it’s way up the charts. With a bullet.

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  • mzk1

    I don’t know what picture is up there (blocked at work), but I’m was listening to Kol Baramah (basically Shas’ radio station) and after a converstation with army spokesment puncuated with sirens and warnings, they played some Hebrew song for peace, using the Arabic word (salaam, and yes I know it really isn’t) several times. It struck me that it would hard to find such a thing in another country at war; a station strongly supporting the was playing a song for peace and using the enemy’s language.

  • Jim from Iowa

    Kinda catchy. Has just a hint of Lou Bega’s “Mombo No. 5.” A little bit of Monica in my life…

    • cba

      I was just thinking how catchy the tune was. Heh.

  • Inessa

    Vile. Any word re vibe among Arab Israelis?

  • mzk1

    OK, so they are daring us to strike them hard and kill as many people as possible.

    They view our restraint as weakness. They really do.

    • Norman B.

      In a way, it is a weakness. Only the overthrow of the Hamas regime and a lockdown of Gaza will stop the rockets.

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