Apartheid Photo Of The Day

An IDF soldier helps guide a blind older woman wearing a hijab.

idf hijab

Photo courtesy of Avi Mayer

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  • jpl

    Nice photo.

  • Caro

    I’m sure some idiot will say he’s arresting her

  • Carlos

    It might be a relative. There are quite a few Moslem soldiers in the IDF

  • Dorith

    On the right of the picture there is a black sign with what to me looks like Arabic writing.

    The soldier (whose dress looks very strange to me) may be a Druze helping his grandma.

    • Gil J. Yashar

      The woman is Sunni Muslim based on her outfit, not Druze. The soldier could be a Sunni Muslim Bedouin relative or a soldier (Jewish, Druze, Muslim, Christian) not related, doing a good deed. The point of the picture is to show that the IDF does not have a policy of oppressing Muslim civilians. Israel is not an apartheid state.

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