“Concentration Camp” Gaza Has Too Many Cars


Oh the humanity, Gaza’s car supply is too high.

The general administration at the Gaza government’s transportation ministry announced Wednesday that in February the number of cars entering Gaza was reduced due to oversupply.

Head of imports at the ministry Basel Deeb told Ma’an that the number of cars transferred to the Gaza Strip was much less than the previous three months.

“We imported 63 cars from Egypt and 242 from Israel, and that’s a small number,” said Deeb.

He pointed out that people were not ordering more cars, meaning there were enough already in Gaza.

The sector needs more taxis and commercial cars, but the embargo imposed over the sector prevents the access of these needed cars, he pointed out.

Jokes aside, I can understand why they needed new cars in the first place, especially Kia Fortes.

ahmed jaabari kia forte


Aussie Dave adds: Judge Dan, really? I already posted this a few days ago and ended with a similar punchline.

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