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Arab mall in Gaza

New Mall Opens in “Concentration Camp” Gaza

Inspired by the old Gaza mall photos, I have featured on this blog various scenes from Gaza, with the aim of providing readers with a...

Ridiculous Palestinian Propaganda of the Day

Yeah, the "prison"/"camp" inmates have horses

Reuters Dishes Up a Surprise With A Taste Of “Concentration Camp” Gaza

"Concentration camp" Gaza has a new "chow hall", which brings a taste of the Maldives to Gaza. And even Reuters has noticed

Gazans Throw Social Distancing into the Sea

This is what is happening in "concentration camp" Gaza

The Palestinian Propagandist Who Did Not Get His OWN Memo

I guess lying full-time can prove to be exhausting, and such slip-ups are to be expected.

Ridiculous Anti-Israel Propaganda of the Day

I dunno, maybe it is just me, but if I wanted to spread the message that Gaza is a hellhole, I probably would not have gone with this photo

How To Maintain the Propaganda When Life’s a Beach for You in Gaza

What to do when Gaza is not as it is being portrayed

New Gaza Fundraiser’s Epic Own Goal

About the "Provide Nutritious Meals for Children in Gaza" campaign

A Taste Of “Concentration Camp” Gaza: Al-Raed Luxury Apartments

Funny how I have not seen any crowdfunding campaigns to help purchase any of these new "concentration camp barracks" for Gaza "inmates." 

Palestinian Fauxtography: The Crying Game Edition

A palestinian propaganda Twitter account called Palestine Post 24 has tweeted out this heart-wrenching photo, claiming "this is the daily life of Gaza children."

Corona-what? As Gazans Enjoy Themselves at New Shopping Mall

With the Israel-haters constantly complaining the locked-up Gazans have nowhere to go in the face of coronavirus, they have at least one place to go, apparently.

“Concentration Camp” Gaza Gets a New Train

Introducing "concentration camp" Gaza's latest attraction: the Train of Return

Some of the Barracks in “Concentration Camp” Gaza

Some of the properties on offer from OSOSS Real Estate, a real estate company located in Gaza

WATCH: Decadence is a Piece of Cake in “Concentration Camp” Gaza

Welcome to "concentration camp" Gaza, where an inmate spends $800 on a gold-covered cupcake for his sister, who is getting married.
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