Bedouins on the Move


Many Bedouins living in Israel serve in the IDF and contribute to society in positive way.

But, there is a new slander piece decrying how Bedouin buildings are being destroyed by the big and mean Israeli destruction machine.

photo Bedouin houses

This is one Bedouin village that popped up outside of Jerusalem.

(And, yes, that is the famous wall in the background.)

But this whole thing makes me so angry,

and when I get angry, I post photos of what is really happening.

First, remember that Bedouins were ALWAYS on the move, that is their lifestyle, duh.

close up of Bedouin building

These illegal structures are popping up like mushrooms all over the deserts of Israel,

inside and outside the Green line.

Some of them are taken down, but do not cry, more will spring up immediately nearby.

The Bedouin population is growing and with Israeli health care system,

it is getting healthier every day.

photo Arab women in Israel hospital

Just take a short visit to Soroka Hospital in Beer Sheva and you will see for yourself.

These women were visiting the hospital during Operation Pillar of Defense,

while most other Israelis in the area were sheltered in their homes afraid to come out.

The cease fire was called a short time later.

Israel ceased firing,

but Hamas rockets were still falling during our bus ride back to Jerusalem.

No one is forcing Bedouins to live next to garbage dumps,

and if anything their life expectancy has soared thanks to Israeli health care.

But, hey what has the truth got to do with it anyway?

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