Morsi – Newest Zionist Agent


Well, it was bound to happen. Muhammad Morsi – from the Islamic fundamentalist organization the Muslim Brotherhood – was labeled a Zionist for cutting ties with Syria.

Syria says Egypt’s decision to cut diplomatic ties with his country is “irresponsible,” accusing its president of joining a US-Israeli conspiracy to divide the Middle East.

His 1 year anniversary as Egypt’s president Theocrat is coming up, and massive protests are about to take place across Egypt. You can look it up on twitter with #Jun30 and #Tamarod.

That said, Egypt is in turmoil for a couple of weeks now, exasperated by the lynching of Shiites by Sunnis, as well as yesterday’s riots, in which 3 were killed including a Jewish American from Kenyon College. All this is happening before the main protests, which gives you a feeling that, pardon my words, shit is about to hit the fan.

Naturally, as happens during spring time, it’s all the Jew’s fault.

Morsi’s detractors decided not to wait until Sunday and in Tahrir square thousands rallied against the president, calling for his resignation and early elections. The protesters burned pictures of Morsi and those of the American embassy in Cairo while shouting: “Morsi, June 30 is your last day.”

Protesters also gather before the government’s main building. According to Al Yom Al Masri paper, the protesters even went as far as burring an Israeli flag in response to what they call “Zionist and American involvement in Egyptian affairs.

Anti-Morsi antisemites

The sharp-eyed will see the swastika painted on the Israeli flag. For each step Egypt takes forward, it takes 6000000 back.

There you have it. Morsi – the man quoted saying that “Zionists are bloodsuckers, descendants of apes and pigs, and control the US media” – is actually a Zionist.

Note: This screen-capture is from December 2012. Click for source.

Well, it’s true. No amount of Hasbarah can ever match Arab self-ridicule.

Update: this.


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