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In light of the recent revelation that Morsi is a Zionist, I’ll take this opportunity to look at other Arab/Muslim leaders, premiers, despots, terrorists, and groups. I’ll show how we secretly recruited them, or their opponents, to our midsts, or to fight us. For good measure, I’ll put a counter source for every source that claims the opposite of the real truth, but don’t believe it either, for it’s a Zionist meta-plot.

Confused? You’re about to get a whole lot more.

Muhammad MorsiMuhammad Morsi
Hosni MubarakHosni Mubarak
Anwar SadatAnwar Sadat
Gamal Abdel NasserGamal Abdel Nasser
Mohammad El-BaradeiMohammad El-Baradei
Muammar GhaddafiMuammar Ghaddafi
Bashar al-AssadBashar al-Assad
Free Syrian Army (FSA)Free Syrian Army (FSA)
Recep Tayyip Erdo?anRecep Tayyip Erdo?an
Mahmoud AhmadinejadMahmoud Ahmadinejad
Zine El Abidine Ben AliZine El Abidine Ben Ali
Islamic JihadIslamic Jihad
Mahmoud AbbasMahmoud Abbas
Saad al-HaririSaad al-Hariri
Hassan NasrallahHassan Nasrallah
King Abdullah IIKing Abdullah II
Osama Bin LadenOsama bin-Laden
Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia
Hamad bin Isa Al-KhalifaHamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa
Saddam HusseinSaddam Hussein

These are the only ones of which the news has come to Harvard, and there may be many others, but they haven’t been discovered.

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