Greta Berlin, Bride Of Frankenstein

Antisemite and Israel hater Greta Berlin has posted to Facebook a photo of wanton destruction and horror.

No, I am not referring to Gaza (after all, that is not the case).

I am referring to her face.

greta berlin photo

Notice the comments, especially Berlin’s. Clean up well? I guess that’s true, if the cleaning material is drain cleaner.

For the record, this is what Berlin looked like before she committed war crimes against her face.


The sad thing is, she is even uglier on the inside.

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Facebook Comments

  • Yoni

    Gah! Maybe a warning space next time, or a button you have to click to reveal the “graphic” material.

  • E Pluribus Beagle

    I’ve always felt that Greta abandoned any claims to not being a war criminal. She should be arrested and hanged with the rest of them.

  • Irit

    She looks like the perfect little Nazi to be a guard at a concentration camp.

  • walt kovacs

    im not big on commenting on woman’s looks, but greta’s ugly is bone deep

    • Jim from Iowa

      I’m with you, Walt, being uncomfortable commenting only on a woman’s appearance as if that were the only quality of any importance. But I admit I’ve gone there every once in awhile, too.

  • Travis

    She looks like one of those female guards at Buchenwald.

  • Aussie Dave

    Regarding commenting on her looks, I hear you, but the point is she is not only vain, but delusional. May help explain her distorted views on Israel and rabid antisemitism.

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