Palestinian Negotiator Openly Advocating For Destruction Of Israel

With Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni invited to peace negotiations in Washington as one of our negotiators, I decided to visit her Facebook page for updates.

What I found was something that will no doubt cause an uproar.

livni fb page

The world is not going to be happy over Livni spilling the beans like that.

Of course, if you visit her Facebook page, you won’t actually see that.

But if you visit the Facebook page of palestinian negotiator Dr. Mohammad Shtayyeh, you will see this:


Yeah, that’s the entire map of Israel covered in the Arabic for “Palestine” (Filastin). In other words, he is basically saying the opposite of what I fabricated on Livni’s page – “We will pretend to negotiate for peace, but only as a means to an end. The end being the destruction of Israel and, in its place, a palestinian state in the entire land.”

So the situation is even worse than we thought. Not only have we agreed to kick-start peace negotiations by releasing over 100 murderous, unrepentant terrorists, but we will be negotiating with someone who is not even hiding his true aim: Israel’s destruction.

And the world won’t even blink.

Hat tip: Raheem for the story (originating from Oren Kessler), and Brian of London for getting the Arabic translation from Oren.

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Facebook Comments

  • walt kovacs

    did you forward the page to that moron, livni?

    • Aussie Dave

      Feel free to post a link to this on her page.

      • NormanF

        Aussie Davis don’t like Tzipi Livni much! Then again, for being the smartest people on earth, Jews unfortunately are saddled with the stupidest politicians on earth.

        • Jim_from_Iowa

          Not as long as there is a Republican Party in America, Norman F.

  • JRmo

    why are some Jews so desperate to be liked they’ll kill themselves for the privilege? This is a shameful episode in Israeli politics

    • J

      Oh no. That’s not it at all. These are Jews who are so desperate to be liked that they’ll gladly allow other Jews to be killed in the name of their egos. Tzipi Livni and co. are in no great personal danger; just the great unwashed citizens of the State of Israel are. That’s not their problem though, as long as their favorite cafe and shopping center isn’t hit with missiles, all is well. They’ll go off to their expensive, tax-payer funded galas while we go off to our funerals…
      It’s true we are all one people, and so I can only cry out, “G-d save us from ourselves”.

  • Victor Mc

    The utter insanity of releasing 104 prisoners/killers/terrorists leaves me speechless.
    Netanyahu and friends you must be mad. It will come back to haunt you and Israel forever.

  • NormanF

    You to have to show Jews are not even animals (animals don’t do to their own dead what the Jews have just done to theirs) to have the dubious privilege of sitting down with the Arabs.

    The very same Arabs happy to slaughter every Jew if they ever got the chance! Jews have taken complete leave of their senses.

    After all, the other side are the heirs to the Nazi Mufti. Peace in our time? Dream on.

  • Wading Across

    Sulha or nothing. Until the Israelis ask for Sulha, real peace, any “peace” the Muslims proclaim to work towards is ultimately a sham. The problem with Israeli politicians is that they have their heads in the sand; so eager and willing for peace at any cost, they are willing to make absurd concessions and agreements for temporary peace.

    Get some guts Livni and Bibi, press the PA to work towards a sulha and watch them really squirm. But, they won’t do it and neither will you, because they know what it means and you – the Israeli gov’t – evidently have zero clue. You’re stuck in a Western mindset dealing with an Eastern mindset people.

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  • http://none Curtis

    Re earlier comments Norman F & Jim from Iowa;

    Yes, the jewish folk have some pretty lame leaders, and they vote for them en masse. The Jewish voting bloc – in the U S, anyway – vote consistently for Democratic candidates.
    Which is a long process to decipher, however, the liberal wing of the Democratic party is on record as being ANTI ISRAEL. Repeat, liberal democrats = ANTI ISRAEL. And the liberal wing of the Democratic party here controls the party.
    In short, jewish voters enabling those who wish to destroy the state of Israel.

    • rulierose

      thanks Curtis, I was going to make the same point myself. Jim from Iowa, enough with the dissing of Republicans. there’s only one major US political party that is pro-Israel, and it ain’t the Democrats.

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