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Palestinians Seethe Over Inclusion of Israeli on Facebook’s Oversight Board

Last month, the 20 founding members of Facebook's Oversight Board, an independent organization tasked with content moderation on the social media platforms, were announced

Some More Palestinian Information Center Epic Dumbassery

The Palestinian Information Center is the gift that keeps on giving

Unfortunate Facebook Advertising of the Day

This advertisement popped up in my Facebook feed

Haters Seethe as Facebook Finally Starts Blocking Pages Glorifying Terrorism

Apparently, the terror supporters are feeling the pinch on Facebook, after years of being able to post the most horrendous things without consequence. And they are not happy about it

Antisemitic Dumbass of the Day

This Jew-hating amoeba was spotted in Manhattan

Meet the Canadian BDS-Holes Who Missed the Memo

A Facebook page called Boycott Israel interests/products in Canada has proudly announced they are not antisemitic...because Facebook said so!

Antisemites & BDS-Holes, It is Way Past Time to Delete Your (Facebook) Accounts

Dear antisemites-not-anti-Zionists/BDS-holes, I am not sure why you have been on Facebook for this long

Did Facebook Try to Destroy an Entire Industry?

Did Facebook, Google and Twitter act as an illegal cartel to destroy a competetive industry?

Facebook’s Ridiculous Double Standard In Plain View

But please tell me how there isn't a bias against conservative and pro-Israel accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook Hits New Low With “Terrorist Frame”

We are already used to Facebook's double standards when it comes to leaving up the most vile antisemitic and pro-terrorism content. But I believe they have now hit a new low

Dealing With Some Recently Announced Social Media Changes

There have been a number of social media-related changes announced that will potentially impact sites like this adversely. The good news is there are ways of dealing with it

Is Facebook Purposely Building an Antisemitic Community?

There is no diversity of opinion in a community that deems the right for Jews to live in safety something negligible


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