Israelis Risking Their Lives To Help Syrian Refugees


Meet the Israelis who go into neighboring hostile Arab countries to help Syrian refugees.

They are also involved with other humanitarian projects, and have captured the attention of some Muslims.

Coverage in the arabic press is here at Al Watan Voice (is in arabic):

Israeli association provides confidential assistance to Syrian refugees in Jordan

Quote from the article at link below:

“… the Arab countries offer condolences… but the best role is provided by the Israelis because they are crossing the border to provide assistance to the refugees who fled deprived of everything, risking their lives without a word of thank you…”


The organisation is an NGO called IL4Syrians – front page of website has some pics:

Website also describes themselves, their mission and their projects (they do work elsewhere as well).

TV report on their activities is at link below – presenter is speaking in Hebrew and some people are speaking in English.

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Of course, they have to keep their identities secret.

hat tip: Israel Matzav

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