Pro-Israel Jordanian Rips Abdullah A New One

Notice anything striking about this Arabic speaking man?

Clue: I am not referring to the 19th century era handlebar mustache (but I wonder if he grew it for Movember)

Israel Unseen explains:

Ouni Abed Hadaddeen is a former senior level Jordanian spy who is Christian. He defected from Jordan because he objected to the Jordanian monarchy’s practice of assassinating Jordanian citizens who have protested against the current regime. Ouni was born to the tribe of Hadadeen, which is supportive of the Hashemite dynasty that has traditionally filled significant positions within the Jordanian government and armed services.

This video was sent to me by Ouni himself. I don’t understand Arabic but I think the visual speaks for itself

While he worked as a senior level Jordanian intelligence “collaborator” (spy), Ouni was ordered by the Jordanian government to confront anti-government protests and to lead counter protests in support of the Jordanian monarchy. In addition, he was told to write articles within the Arab media in support of the Jordanian government to prevent Jordan’s power base from collapsing, as was the case in Egypt during the “Arab Spring.” Hadaddeen claims that supporting the current Jordanian regime is not in the best interest of Israel and has accused Jordan’s King Abdullah of manipulating the Jordanian people to have negative views and even hatred of Israel.

Hadaddeen is presently a political refugee in Norway, while his family remains within Jordan. He claims that the Jordanian government has constantly threatened to rape and murder his wife and three young daughters. When asked if the threats were credible, Ouni said that rape is a systematic tool used by the Jordanian intelligence and the fact that he is Christian, rather than from a Muslim tribe, makes the regime less concerned about repercussions. Despite the threats, Hadaddeen continues to be an outspoken advocate against the Jordanian monarchy, out of the belief that at this point only public exposure will help his family.

Good luck to Ouni Abed Hadaddeen from the tribe of Hadadeen.

Update: More here.

Update: Here he is calling on Israel to occupy Jordan to liberate Jordanians!

And here’s his Facebook page.

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  • J B

    Frankly, after dispossessing the Palestinians of their intentions to “drive the Jews into the sea”, a solution that involves granting some of them Israeli citizenship and creating a peaceful Palestine out of Jordan (which was the larger part of the Palestine Mandate) would be perhaps the only good solution to the conflict.
    But again, handing the Palestinian Arabs any additional resources for continuing their war against us will not do.
    And otherwise, the Hashemite regime is probably the only reason Jordan isn’t at war with us right now too.
    So, for now, nothing like this is going to happen.