Photo of the Day: Yair Lapid and the Book of Likes

What a day!

At least Twitter with pics of FLOTUS pouting at POTUS, took attention away from buzzing Israelis arguing whether or not Israeli PM should have spent the money and gone to South Africa for the memorial service for Nelson Mandela.

Meanwhile, streets near the Knesset were blocked mid-day for a protest that got almost no attention. Even these clever posters making use of Israeli politicians did not help promote their cause.

image disabled man, picture Jerusalem protest, image unusual protest signs

Seems that benefits for disabled over 55 are being cut and some are very not happy.

One sign has Yair Lapid holding a red book that translates as ” The Book of Likes.”

Now we know which issues really get the public to pay attention.

It looks like the cold and wet weather is the next hot Israeli news topic.

Helping the disabled, will have to wait until after the snow…


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