Aussie Dave’s Favorite Snow Pics From Israel

You have no doubt already been inundated with news and pictures of the snowstorm in Israel. So I thought I’d post my favorite photos out of the hundreds you may have already seen, and some you may not have.

The Swimmer

snow pool

A woman swims in the pool at the David Citadel Hotel during a snow storm in Jerusalem December 13, 2013. REUTERS

I guess she wanted her money’s worth during her stay at the hotel, given she was likely not able to leave the premises. Either way, I am hoping the pool was heated.

The Good Samaritans

The IDF did not just assist Israeli civilians, but also palestinians.

pali vehicle

During a regular patrol on Friday morning, Cpt. Omri Seiner and his soldiers from the Nahal Brigade saw a Palestinian vehicle stuck in the snow. “Let’s go help – our vehicle is strong enough to rescue them,” said Omri to his soldiers. They connected a tow rope to the vehicle and pulled its passengers to safety. “Our goal was simple: to offer a helping hand,” Cpt. Omri said. Our soldiers are on call and ready to help anyone caught in the storm (IDF Facebook page)




Meanwhile, palestinians accuse us of opening up dams just east of Gaza, which caused the flooding there. As opposed to the incessant rainfall.

You just can’t win.

The Contrast


A scene you could only see in Israel. Army Jews and traditional Charedi Jews doing their thing.

The Car


I woke up this morning and had to wait about 10 minutes while the ice defrosted from my front window.

Yeah, I was one of the lucky ones.

The Crazy Texan

texas snowman

This American living in Israel upped the macho stakes with this YouTube video. Which is just as well, given the amount of shrinkage no doubt involved.

The Ovadia

ovadia yosef

Some creative individual created this likeness of recently deceased Rabbi Ovadia Yosef.

The Stranded

Getty Images

Getty Images

This photo nicely captured the pandemonium on the roads during the snowstorm.

Did any other photos capture your imagination? If so, post in the comments.

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  • Dizzy

    “I guess she wanted her money’s worth during her stay at the hotel”…

    Or she was Canadian.

  • rulierose

    I feel your pain, Jerusalem! living here in Michigan, we’re used to snow–in fact I spent much of yesterday and today shoveling my driveway of the 5 of so inches we got–but you guys are not. glad to hear things are starting to return to normal.

    why won’t the MSM ever print a photo of the IDF helping a Palestinian vehicle, or the Red Crescent truck? does that go too much against their narrative of Israeli “apartheid”?

  • milandroid

    My favourites are the IDF soldier’s helping hands. How I wish I’d be one of them!

  • Jono Rose

    Dave: Don’t you know its SNOWvadia Yosef?

    • cba


  • Jim_from_Iowa

    This amount of snow would be bad for even folks like us in Iowa who are used to it. Glad you all survived and are taking this weather event in stride.

  • anneinpt

    I’m not quite sure how to post a picture here. I’ll give it a try. This one has been making the rounds of the social media though I got it from my kids. I think it’s from Har Bracha:

  • anneinpt

    OK, it didn’t work. So here’s a link:

  • anneinpt

    Oh well, one more try and then I give up:

    snow at the front door

    • Aussie Dave

      Nice one.

      May be easier to use the FB comments for posting pics..

      • anneinpt

        Oh, you’re right. i never thought of that. Next time…