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WATCH: Snow In Israel Already In 2016

This morning in Northern Israel - Mt Hermon. Snow.

Israeli Snow Clearing Techniques

Snow really is a complete puzzle for Israelis.
image valley of cross in snow and fog

Jerusalem Shut Down by That Four Letter Word

Jerusalem, Israel, came to standstill this morning.

Photo Of The Day: 50 Shades Of Snow

That’s not just any snow, that’s holy city snow!

Photos Of The Day: Snow And Winter Back In The North

This is the Golan Heights. The part of Israel formerly known as Syria.

My Kids Are Blasphemers!

And who exactly is that snow man meant to be?

Jewish Advice From The Jewish State

Get the heck out of Dodge before sundown! "We advise whoever intends on leaving Efrat for Shabbat to do so immediately."

Winter Is Coming: Snow In Jerusalem Details

Heavy snow warning in effect with possible Blizzard conditions Wednesday night. Snow will likely return Thursday night into Friday.

Snow in Jerusalem: Get A Room

Main road to Jerusalem, Israel to close Wednesday at midnight

Photo Of The Day: How Not To Deal With Snow

I wonder if they’d spray gasoline on a fire?

How Do Palestinians Amuse Themselves In The Snow?

There just may be a slight hint of militarism in their society.....

Aussie Dave’s Favorite Snow Pics From Israel

I thought I'd post my favorite photos out of the hundreds you may have already seen, and some you may not have

Shabbat Shalom From Snowy Jerusalem

We promise to stop talking about the weather next week. Really.

AccuWeather: Not So Accu

Ariel is located in which country?
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