Minds Of Peace Given A Piece Of Their Mind..And Stones


Yesterday, Varda posted about the Neturei Karta nutter man who was beaten up by a group of Muslims.

In a similar vein, a group of Israeli peace activists have learned that some palestinians will resort to violence to oppose their presence.

ramallah-protestIsraeli peace activists who arrived in Ramallah recently were forced to leave the city under Palestinian Authority [PA] police protection.

The activists were escorted out of Ramallah in police vans after Palestinian protesters attacked the hotel where a “peace conference” between Israelis and Palestinians was taking place.

The event in Ramallah was organized by Minds of Peace, a not-for-profit organization whose mission is “Grassroots Peace Making and Public Diplomacy: A novel approach to the peaceful resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.”

Although the event in Ramallah was supposed to last for two days, during which Israelis and Palestinians would talk about peace and coexistence, as soon as the conference began at City Inn Hotel in Ramallah, scores of Palestinian activists arrived at the scene, chanting slogans against the presence of Israelis in Ramallah.

“Israelis out, out! Palestine is Arab, from the sea to the river,” shouted one a female protester. “This land is not for sale!” shouted another protester, as he tried to force his way into the conference hall.

Palestinian policemen who were rushed to the scene were unable to stop the protesters from damaging windows and doors as they hurled stones at the hotel.

Which is fitting, since you really do need to have stones at rocks in your head to believe the palestinians are serious about a peaceful, two-state solution.

But I guess you can look at the bright side. It went better than a previous time Israelis ended up in Ramallah.

Update: Now with video goodness!

Notice the anti-peace conference protester advocating BDS.

In case you are told BDSHoles want peace.

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