A Bright Future Behind Him


IAF F-16I Sufa PanoramicOvernight the IAF killed a couple of terrorists including the man directly responsible for the last few rocket launches. We’ve had more than 20 rockets fired in 20 days of January.

Here’s the report:

According to the IDF, Israel targeted and hit Ahmad Zaanin, 21, a member of a Gaza-based Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine’s military wing, responsible for recent rocket fire against Israel. It said he fired the rockets that targeted Israel after the funeral for prime minister Ariel Sharon ended last Monday.

Reports from the Gaza Strip said a second Palestinian was killed in addition to the PFLP member. Relatives and ambulance services identified Zaanin as commander in the PFLP, and the second man was identified as belonging to the Islamic Jihad group.The Palestinian Ma’an News Agency identified the second man as Mahmoud Yousef Zaanin, 23.

This detail caught my eye:

“In his earlier days Za’anin was affiliated with the Islamic Palestinian Jihad, during which the terrorist operated towards the execution of terror attacks, most of which were rocket attacks, against Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers,” the IDF said.

So we have a dead 21 year old and we’re able to talk about terrorist exploits “in his earlier days”. How sad is that.

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