Hani And His Pet Rock Named Palistone (Updated With Video)

Meet Hani Abu-Laila, and his pet rock.

pet rock

The article goes on about how he tended his fields in Qusin, and found a rock in the form of “historic Palestine” (that only ever existed for two years in the 40’s, between the Jordanian independence and the Israeli independence). Hani said he intends to keep it so that his grandchildren consolidate their love for Palestine.

I just hope noone from Hamas takes hold of it, as they will break off the Gaza Strip, and proceed to throw it on someone’s windshield.

Update: Now with video goodness.

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  • Kane

    The British, when defining the Mandate, defined “actual” Palestine, as modern day Israel+the occupied territories. From 1915 up to 2014, the native Arabs living in “Palestine” defined Palestine as Israel+the occupied territories. Just some historic clarification, and yes, that Gaza-stone-throwing joke was funny.

    To anybody who didn’t get a response from me in recent comments, sorry, I’ve been busy with my actual job. That, and old stories get buried pretty fast on this website, due to their frequent updates and new material.

    • Aryeh

      So did the Jews. There’s only one Palestine. And it’s the Palestine of the Jews, not of the Arabs. There is a place called Arabia. Does the name ring any bells?

      • Kane

        Zionist leadership when putting forth their proposal for Mandated Palestine, wanted parts of Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria to be included in “Palestine’ for Jewish colonization. The Allies rejected the proposition, but the idea was still prominent in the Israeli government, until 1967, when they actually captured parts of Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria (though eventually relinquishing Lebanon).

        Palestine belongs to the Arabs, the Christians, and Jews.

  • http://wwrtc.blogspot.com Art Deco

    From 1915 up to 2014, the native Arabs living in “Palestine” defined Palestine as Israel+the occupied territories. Just some historic clarification, and yes, that Gaza-stone-throwing joke was funny.

    Nice try. The territory was defined only in 1921 by assembling a mess of localities in the Vilayet of Beirut, the Vilayet of Syria, and the Sanjak of Jerusalem. It existed within those boundaries only until 1948. An Arab resident need only have lived within those boundaries during the period running from 1946 to 1948 to qualify as a client of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency. There were no ‘occupied territories’ until 1967 (unless, of course, you are defining Egypt and the Hashemites as ‘occupiers’).

    As late as 1956, Ahmed Shukairy, the future chairman of the P.L.O. referred to the territories as ‘a basic part of Southern Syria’. The Syrian Popular Party long regarded the territory as Syrian in character. The Arabic town dialects long spoken in the former mandate north of the Negev, in Lebanon, and in most of Syria are all on the Levantine spectrum, differing from the Bedouin dialects native to the Transjordan, the Negev, the Sinai, and the Red Sea coast in Egypt (and differing from Egyptian and Mesopotamian dialects).

    You do recall that the principal newspaper during the mandatory period was called The Palestine Post? It was not an Arab paper. “The Palestinians” as a people have as their point of origin the lost and mythical world of … 1964.

    • deedee

      Stop it, Art Deco! Facts totally ruin Kane’s propaganda lies. Where are your manner?

    • Kane

      Your first paragraph deals with where many Palestinians came from, not what the area known as “Palestine” was defined as. Not only is this issue irrelevant to my statement, but to the conflict as a whole.

      Palestine IS a basic part of historical Southern Syria. However, there’s a large difference between pointing that out in a quote lacking context, and quoting a Palestine official as wanting to join Palestine with another Arab state.

      What Syria or any other Arab states regards as “Palestine’ is irrelevant, as just like Israel, they were each trying to take as much land as possible during the 1948 war, both from the Jews, and Palestinians. Again, pointing out that Palestine is “Syrian in character”, is much different then labeling Palestine part of Syria.

      Who cares what language/newspaper the Palestinians used? Most Jews immigrating to Israel were Europeans who spoke languages other then Hebrew. Does this somehow delegitimize the Jewish character of Israel? Not at all. Same with the Palestinians.

      • Asher

        http://elderofziyon.blogspot.com/2010/01/historic-palestine.html this is what historic Palestine actually looked like

        “Palestine belongs to the Arabs, the Christians, and Jews.”

        What do you mean by this?

      • http://wwrtc.blogspot.com Art Deco

        No, pumpkin, the first paragraph deals with how and when a delineated piece of territory known as ‘Palestine’ came to be.

        (The rest of your post is too incoherent to reply to).

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