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Lies, Damn Lies, and the History Channel

One-sided historical revisionism

Know Your History: Even the Term “Free Palestine” Was Co-opted From the Jews (Part...

Over a year ago, I posted how the words “Free, free Palestine!” - words shouted out by Israel haters worldwide, more often than not an expression of their wish for the destruction of the state of Israel - were first used by the Zionist group American League for a Free Palestine (ALFP) in 1944

Peak Palestinian Reaction to UAE’s Decision to Normalize Ties With Israel

As tweeted by the official Twitter account for the office of the Prime Minister of the (non-existent) State of Palestine

About That “Palestinian” Child Fruit Seller “Own Goal”

My thoughts on what Jews everywhere recognized to be an "own goal"

Israel Haters Falsely Claim Google Erased ‘Palestine’ From Their Maps. Again.

Israel haters are expressing outrage that Google have erased Palestine from their maps

Know Your History: Jews Looking Out for Their Arab Neighbors Following Earthquake of 1927...

The Jewish Yishuv asked for funds for earthquake relief - and not just for the Jews

Know Your History: Jewish Acquisition of Agricultural Land in Palestine (JTA, Dec 9, 1929)

A JTA report about certain proceedings of the Shaw Commission, established to investigate the violent rioting in Palestine in late August 1929, which included the Hebron massacre

Draining the Swamps

A must-read academic paper that sheds a lot of light on Jewish eradication of malaria in then Palestine
Linda Sarsour

Linda Sarsour Revises History to Demonize Israel

The lying liar strikes again

Own Goals Aplenty With Map-Happy Hater Reactions to Trump Deal of the Century

On Twitter, many Israel-haters have reacted to President Trump's tweet in Arabic on "what the future state of Palestine might look like with a capital in parts of East Jerusalem"

Palestinian Propagandists Co-Opt Photo of Armenian Genocide Survivors

Yet another "cover" story by the anti-Israel crowd
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