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Palestinian Propagandists Co-Opt Photo of Armenian Genocide Survivors

Yet another "cover" story by the anti-Israel crowd

Another Palestinian Propaganda “Own Goal”: Shimon Peres’ Migration Papers

Those geniuses over at Israel hate site Quds News Network are on to us!

Another Fake Story About Cristiano Ronaldo Donating to Gaza

Russia's RT reports that soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo donated $1.5 million to Gazans

Know Your History: The Desolation of Palestine (NY Times May 3, 1880)

I've dealt with it before: contrary to the palestinian Arab narrative, the land was a desolate mess before the mass immigration of Jews returning to their indigenous homeland. But it never hurts to provide more proof.

Palestinian Propaganda “Own Goal”: A Map From National Geographic in 1947

Anti-Israel propaganda Facebook page Quds News Network has posted this "Map of Palestine from a 1947 issue of National Geographic," presumably in a bid to show Israel did not exist at the time

Know Your History: Palestinian Art (NY Times Dec 11, 1929)

The term "Palestinian" to refer to the Arabs who were living here pre-1948, as well as their descendants, is a relatively recent invention. Here's another example showing this.

80 Years Later, Australia vs Palestine Soccer Match Looks Like Something Else Entirely

Australia has defeated "Palestine" 3-0 in an Asian Confederation Cup match. But unlike the 1939 Australia-Palestine match, the Palestine team now represents something else entirely.

Another Palestinian “Own Goal”: Hitler La Visa, Baby!

As fake as about everything else we have come to expect from palestinian propaganda.

What a Beauty! Palestinian “Own Goal” of the Day

A great metaphor for the palestinian propensity to shoot themselves in the foot.

Ridiculous Palestinian Propaganda of the Day

The reliably unreliable Quds News Network has posted this video of "A Palestinian horse" that "won an old racing for horses in 1950."

Anti-Israel Dumbassery of the Day

The following was yesterday posted on the People of the World United for Palestine Facebook page. It has since been deleted, no doubt after the page admins were informed of their dumbassery

MUST WATCH: Palestinians Answer the Question “When Was Palestine Established”

Palestinian Arabs are asked when Palestine was established, as well as follow-up questions like: What was the ancient capital? Who was the ruler? What was the currency? What was the flag? The answers are as illuminating as they are varied.

Australia vs Palestine Football Match (1939) For Dummies

A new version of the Australia vs Palestine soccer match (1939) video to help the nincompoops understand what an own goal it is for them


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