Palestinian In Damascus: “We Do Not Want Palestine..We Ask For Israeli Citizenship”


Tens of thousands of people in Yarmouk, mostly palestinians, have been besieged for months by Syrian government forces, with little access to food and medicine.

The below video was taken in Yarmouk and posted to YouTube .

It’s clearly all in Arabic but the man at 0:53 says:

“We do not want Palestine or something. We want them to get us out here. We ask for Israeli citizenship, we do not want the right of return, we have sold Palestine. We do not even know anything about Palestine! We do not want Mahmoud Abbas. There are 1 billion and 300 million Muslims and they can do nothing! If there were even a single Israeli child in the Yarmuk camp, the problem would have been solved a long time ago.”

Of course, you won’t see this posted by the likes of Ali Abumination, despite their so-called concern.

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