The Day in Israel: Rain



People around the world pray for it to rain in Israel.

It rained so hard last night, that the noise woke me up.

It’s funny how things in Israel get treated differently, even the rain.

Years ago we planned a family celebration in Jerusalem, Israel. We were living in Australia, and had sent invitations around the world. Guests had arrived from the US. The party was planned for a favorite downtown restaurant for Sunday afternoon.

On that Thursday in Meah Shearim, who would ever remember why, a protest with burning rubbish bins began. There was to be a Shabbat respite, and on Sunday the demonstration of all demonstrations was called for. If you thought the stench was bad on Thursday, just you wait until Sunday, when the full protest was to be felt and smelt.

Only on Sunday, it rained. It poured! The guests from Herzliya came in dripping and kvetching about the slow drive and soaking weather.

But it rained so hard, not one bin was set on fire. No one was out blocking streets. The party went on, thankfully planned for inside, uninterrupted.

This week there was a large, but peaceful demonstration in Meah Shearim.

image burning garbage bin, photo Jerusalem fire, picture fire in bin,

After the crowd dispersed someone set a plastic rubbish bin on fire.

image fire burning down, Israeli soldiers and Haredi boy, photo people watching fire

Only this young boy and I tried to get help and seemed to be bothered by it all.

The damage was contained.

But burning bins in Jerusalem always remind me of that time.

And I always wonder when it rains hard, what else could have been planned that did not happen.

Jerusalem has been “quiet” while the rockets rain in the south.

But I suppose we will never know what pouring rain, like it did that wet Sunday, prevents.

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