Ma’an News Play The Race Card. Partially


Arab worker stabbed to death by coworker in central Israel screams the headline from Ma’an News.

You have to get to the second last line to get the context.

ambulanceAn Arab worker from the Galilee village of Reineh was stabbed to death by a coworker in the industrial area in the Sharon district in central Israel Thursday morning, Israeli police said.

Spokeswoman Luba Samri explained in a statement that a brawl broke out between two employees of a meat factory near Natanya after they ended their night shift. As a result, one of the workers stabbed the other injuring him critically and he died shortly afterward, according to the spokeswoman.

Israeli police arrived and started investigations and a manhunt after the suspected killer, who was identified by coworkers as an Arab man from Affula in his 30s.

The suspect, according to the statement, was arrested later in his house in Affula.

In other words, the killer is also an Arab.

If they are going to play the ethnicity game, why didn’t the headline read Arab worker stabbed to death by Arab coworker in central Israel?

I’m betting it’s because they want to give the impression of Israeli Jews as stab-happy lunatics.

Shame for them they did not realize that the very photo accompanying the article says more about how the very group they are trying to demonize acts towards the Arab population.

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