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Palestinian Ma’an News Agency Lies About 17-Year-Old Terror Victim Rina Shnerb

The palestinian Ma'an News Agency has reported the following in the wake of the heinous murder of 17-year-old Israeli teen Rina Shnerb in a terror attack.

Smoke and Mirrors

Ma'an News may need to look in their own backyard

The Latest Case of Palestinian “Choose Your Own Adventure” Storytelling

The case of Muhammad Zain al-Jaabari involves multiple palestinian versions. As usual.

Blood Libel of The Day: Injured Palestinian Kids Edition

How fishy does this sound?

WATCH: M’aan News’ Palestine Tourism Video

Note who hardly gets mentioned or shown in the film, and what Palestine encompasses

Footage Does Not Lie About Today’s Vehicular Attack, But Media Does

Just like the attack itself, this brand of "journalism" is potentially lethal.

Ma’an News’ Flying Pig Moment

Today's ethnic cleansing and genocide fail

Latest Blood Libel: The Case Of Yahiya Sami al-Amudi

What really happened to this 10-year old boy?

Latest Palestinian Blood Libel: Invasion Of The Child Snatchers

Yet another case of not being able to get their story straight


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