George Galloway Libels Tzip Livni

Antisemite and Israel hater George Galloway has claimed that Israeli Minister of Justice Tzipi Livni boasted of sleeping with hundreds as part of her Mossad service, including at least one of the current palestinian leadership (hat tip: Tom, Ambrosine and others).

These rumors were going around in 2012 and denied by Livni, a fact even some in the Arab Press reported.

In other words, Galloway is lying, and hopes his viewers lap up these lies like a cat laps up milk.

Oh yeah, this is also outright defamation and I sincerely hope Livni sues his sorry arse.

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  • gregusmeus

    Nah Gorgeous George loves the publicity of court, best thing to do is totally ignore him. Even his most ardent supporters know he’s a bullshit merchant anyway.

  • E ben Abuya

    At Last! the identity of M’Blah Blah’s Mossad cat is revealed.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Give him an Eau d’Polonium cologne.

  • One4Zion

    this is just plain dumb. more than the libel, i criticize galloway’s absurdity..
    i can’t see how a man can be attracted to tzipi livni…plain and simple.
    she is the haneen zoabi of jewish women…i just couldn’t do it with her. totally underwhelming woman bordering on grotesque.

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