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George Galloway Finally Finds a Zionist He Likes

George Galloway may want to take this tweet back

George Galloway Doubles Down on Antisemitic Blood Libel

Regarding whether or not George is antisemitic, I will allow this latest video to do the talking

Rashida Tlaib, Hanan Ashrawi and George Galloway Among Those Disseminating Blood Libel

They say a lie travels around the globe while the truth is putting on its shoes. Today, one did while me and other observant Jews around the world were offline for the Jewish Sabbath.

Spoiling ‘Ray Donovan’ for George Galloway

Vile hater George Galloway seems to be a fan of the show Ray Donovan, starring Liev Schreiber, Eddie Marsan, and Jon Voight. Let's see if we can spoil that for him.

George Galloway Messes Up Launch of New Political Party

Earlier this evening, the detestable George Galloway tried to make a live announcement for the launch of his new political party, the Workers Party of Britain. Let's just say it didn't go according to plan.

George Galloway’s Latest Bizarre (Not Antisemitic) Tweet

George Galloway has let his followers know what he'd be doing if he was around in Hitler's time. Despite what many might think, it is not volunteering for Hitler's army.

George Galloway’s April Fools’ Antisemite-Fest

Yesterday, I posted about a preposterous RT video in which George Galloway explained what is and what isn't antisemitism.I have now discovered that this is not his first rodeo when it comes to goysplaining this topic close to his heart.

Not the Onion: Antisemitism Explained…By George Galloway

Russian propaganda outlet RT has decided in their infinite wisdom that having George Galloway lecture about what is and what isn't antisemitism is a good idea.

George Galloway’s Charity May Not Have Conducted Charitable Activity or Distributed Humanitarian Aid

A few days after being sacked by Talk Radio for an 'antisemitic tweet', and then making a fool of himself on Good Morning Britain, George Galloway's week has just gotten even worse

WATCH: George Galloway’s Botched Defense of ‘Antisemitic Tweet’

Anti-Zionist-not-Antisemite George Galloway has appeared on Good Morning Britain to face questions about his 'antisemitic tweet.' To say he suffered from performance anxiety is an understatement.

George Galloway Sacked From Talk Radio for ‘Antisemitic Tweet’

Anti-Zionist-not-Antisemite George Galloway - who threatens to sue anyone who calls him antisemitic - has been sacked from Talk Radio for what they call an antisemitic tweet

That Time John Malkovich Verbally Attacked George Galloway and Robert Fisk For Their Israel...

A blast from the past...that I did not even know about until today!

Play George Galloway/Ken Livingstone Bingo!

With the upcoming Liverpool stage show of George Galloway and Red Ken Livingstone, what kind of drinking game will we play?


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