Former Israeli Soldier to the Rescue in London on Passover

The London Evening Standard published an OMG story.

Two worshippers celebrating the Jewish holiday of Passover braved intense heat to free the child from a car seat after hearing the family’s screams for help. An elderly man who had become panic-stricken and was unable to unfasten his seatbelt was also dragged free. Two other passengers managed to flee before the silver Peugeot 307 exploded.

Their photos are indeed dramatic.

Car on fire outside London synagogue on Passover

The passengers in that car were lucky to be in front of a North London synagogue.

The two men, one named locally as Moses Kupermann and the other a visiting Israeli national … were both praised for their “heroic” actions.

Burned out car in London on Passover

“One of the men is called Shlomo and he is an ex-Isreali soldier. He judged that the car was not going to blow up straight away and went to help. He was very brave. “The family in the car were beside themselves and in shock. Shlomo is a lovely chap and he hasn’t been in this country for very long.”

Spell it Israeli or Isreali, a really good story, except for those London BDSers.

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  • cba

    Reminds me of that sardonic joke:

    An Israeli visiting Paris sees a little girl being attacked by a vicious dog. He kills the dog bare-handed and saves the girl.

    Journalists surround him. “Magnifique! Tomorrow the headlines will read, ‘Hero of Paris saves girl from vicious dog attack!’ ”

    “I’m not from Paris.”

    “No matter! In that case the headlines will read, ‘Hero of France saves girl from vicious dog attack!’ ”

    “I’m not from France either.”

    “Really? Where are you from?”


    “In that case the headlines will read, ‘Israeli kills girl’s pet dog in unprovoked attack!’ “

    • Steve Loeb

      Yes exactly right

    • wingdings

      Well, this sounds a bit like some statement from Ashton!

    • Sharon A

      I certainly hope this positive spin does not turn. Tomorrow they could start with trying to get him arrested just because he is former Israeli soldier who served. But at least today, it was nice to read something nice in a British publication.

      • cba

        Yes. Sorry for the cynicism… I guess I’ve been reading news boards and blogs for too long :)

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