Anti-Israel Poodle Modifies Google Doodle

Today, Google Israel has used the following doodle on it’s search page to celebrate Yom Ha’atzmaut:

google doodle

Nice graphic, but as Deebo tweeted:

Speaking of dangerous, look at the version some Israel hater created.

google rip-off doodle

Seems reminiscent of a certain, badly produced Hamas movie Judge Dan posted about yesterday.

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    Little do the paLIEStinian supporters know that that actually paints an accurate picture of the savage paLIEStinians doing the only thing they know how to do, other than Allah Ak-BOOM!! of course.

    When will paLIEStine be celebrating their independence day again? Oh, that’s right, they have no country, ha ha ha! Flag stolen from the Ba’ath party of Iraq, national anthem stolen from Iraq, coat of arms stolen from Egypt and land stolen from Jordan and Israel.

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