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Document Leaked by Ex Google Employee Shows Israellycool Blacklisted

Google blacklists Conservative news websites, a whistle blower has claimed. and guess who appears on the blacklist

Did Facebook Try to Destroy an Entire Industry?

Did Facebook, Google and Twitter act as an illegal cartel to destroy a competetive industry?

Google’s ‘Jew’ Problem

Google's latest has crossed into really antisemitic territory

“There is No Other Country On Earth That Thinks The Same Way We [Google]...

Business Insider asked executives from Facebook, Google, and Microsoft to explain why they use Israel for their R&D

Israel Haters Game Google Maps

The Israel haters are at it again

Google And Their Ridiculous Search Suggestions

Help me fix the internet.

PMW Wiped Off YouTube Again (Updated)

Years of work by Palestine Media Watch PMW just wiped off the web by YouTube.

Google Israel Flies Out Susan Boyle For Surprise Performance To Employees

In a rather under-the-radar visit, Susan Boyle the gifted singer was recently in Israel.

Zionist Self-Driving Cars Of Death™

Google takes CNN on a ride to Jerusalem.

Get Your Act Together, Google

That moment Israeli agricultural communities are moved by Google to Palestine

Anti-Israel Poodle Modifies Google Doodle

Glorification of violence, anyone?

Google Search: Jews Should…

A search using Google incognito mode reveals world attitudes about the Jews, Israel, and the Holocaust.


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