Reader Post: The Warped Narrative of Ami Kaufman And The Fringe Left of Israel


Firstly, I’d like to thank Ami Kaufman, a blogger at the radical Left +972, for his constant encouragement and for promoting my YouTube videos.

Without his first post seeking to trash my famous “Jews Can’t Stop” Miley Cyrus parody, I might not have achieved a wider platform to promote my views (to as far as the UK) on human freedom, Jewish pluralism, Arab-Israeli coexistence, and the respect of individual rights as a means to end the Israeli/Palestine conflict. Ironically, even +972 was open enough to allow for refreshed dialogue when it posted my piece “Can a Settler Be Against the Occupation?”

I thought perhaps my new video, “Protect You,” might open his cold heart, that feeling the plight of a little girl crying to her father to protect her from rocket fire might elicit some compassion from a man who poses as a “humanitarian.” The Twitter conversation ensued, revealing his warped narrative and the psyche of a man who I imagine would probably love to see all Jewish settlers shot in a ditch, including women and babies.

AmiKaufman tweet

He was none-to-happy that I caught him in his tactics, so here he goes again, trying to “expose” me when he only further exposed his hatred for Israel and his strange anti-Israel bedfellows. Seeking to discredit me and my new video “Protect You,” he wrote in “The warped narrative of a settler – and of mainstream Israel”:

WATCH: The warped narrative of a settler – and of mainstream Israel

It’s the narrative of government after government for decades. The fanatic settlers are simply emissaries, nothing more, executing the Zionist mission.

It is the narrative of a majority of the Jewish population in Israel/Palestine who still believe that after 66 years of occupation and having the most powerful military in the region, that they are still the victims.

Minutes after the post went up, views on “Protect You” spiked. “Dislikes” immediately started catching up with the “Likes,” and the all-too-familiar anti-Semitic dreck of YouTube, Ami Kaufman’s followers, were out in full force, writing things like:

nakbapalestineyoutube amiamishit

Now tell me? Is Ami Kaufman a mean person? I think he’s more insidious. I find that his ad hominen attacks (of which I’m not the only victim) reveal a driven, hate-filled, dishonest, racist bully whose narrative of Israel as evil aggressor promotes incitement against innocent Israelis and provides intellectual cover for blood-thirsty terrorists. His agenda seems to be to destroy his political opponents, and his most powerful, pathetic tool: the smear.

And the best part about his recent post — proof of his warped narrative? I’m not even a “settler” anymore. I’ve moved to Tel Aviv. But, according to Kaufman and his following, Tel Avivians are settlers too.

Stay tuned for my next video, Ami. I’m sure you’ll love it, and I’ll be sure to tag you. #jewscantstop

American-Israeli Orit Arfa is author of The Settler, a novel about a young woman’s crisis of faith following her withdrawal from Gaza. She has reported for the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles, The Jerusalem Post, and other outlets. 

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