Press TV Cage Fight: Gilad Atzmon vs Lee Kaplan

This entire video from Iran’s propaganda arm Press TV contains a 5 minute summary of the kidnapping story that is so far off the scale of lying propaganda, it’s hard to single out any of the lies. I do like how they refer to the Israeli Government’s actions as Tel Aviv did this or that because they can’t even admit there is an Israel and they certainly can’t notice that our capital and seat of government is Jerusalem.

But what follows is an epic debate between second rate jazz musician and veteran Israel-hater Gilad Atzmon; and journalist Lee Kaplan. Oh and magically, just like all the Arab victories in all the wars they ever started against Israel, Atzmon thinks he won this round!

h/t to Cliff on Facebook.

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Facebook Comments

  • walt kovacs

    wow, how did lee get on press tv

    atzmon is a pig

  • Travis

    When Lee Kaplan called Atzmon a second rate saxophonist that really got to him more than any thing else.

    • walt kovacs

      no, calling him a jew got to him more than anything else

      but lee shouldve tried not to attack him directly

      and atzmon is neither capo or tokyo rose….both were forced to do what they did on pain of death

      atzmon hates jews out of his own free will

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