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Despicable Reactions To The Murder Of Three Israeli Boys (Updated)

I suspect this list will only grow

No Words

May G-d avenge their blood

Setting Extra Places Until We Bring Back Our Boys

#EyalGiladNaftali are in our thoughts. #BringBackOurBoys

Jodi Rudoren: Queen Of The Jew-Hating Jews

Just imagine her job description.
image arabic writing

Looking on the Bright Side

In the Gush, it will not only be bright, but hopefully safer.

Cruz Control

Ted Cruz goes in to bat for our kidnapped boys

Ari Lesser: Bring Back Our Boys

Hip hop artist Ari Lesser - of Boycott Israel and Israel Apartheid fame - has a new look and a new song

Shhh Don’t Mention The Terrorist Kidnapping

They mentioned it once, but they got away with it because only the Jews saw it

Celebrity Mensch Of The Day: Ron Thal

Guns 'N Roses guitarist Ron Thal supports the cause to bring back those sweet children of ours

More Vileness From Anti-Israel Crowd: Get Bent Becky Dent Edition

Those who claim to be all about human rights, and who side with the palestinians, are invariably among the biggest haters and morally bankrupt people you can find

Where Are The Voices To Condemn This?

And the hate continues to flow and Palestinian officialdom continues to say nothing at all

Greta Berlin’s Callous Post About The Kidnapped Boys

I guess it shouldn't surprise us that this antisemite would hold such views

Are These Muslim Kids Making That Disgusting “Three Shalits” Gesture On The Temple Mount?

It is bad enough that Jews are not allowed to pray on Har Habayit, the holiest site in Judaism.
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